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SIG: Non-Pharmacological Rehabilitation Techniques
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Pain Rehabilitation: Advancing Non-Pharmacological Rehabilitation Techniques (SIG)

Current Chair/Board Champion:
John Garzione, DPT

Roger Mignosa, DO

Number of members:


Notes from the 28th Annual Meeting SIG Session (10/20/17): 
Items discussed included:
*  Educating insurance companies to pay for comprehensive pain management when they deny other treatments.  This would include having discussions with insurance companies and having patients become self-reliant in their care instead of being dependent on medications.  Inactivity leads to further pain and stiffness.

*  How to get more students and other disciplines involved in this SIG?

*  How to get patients involved with the political process of pain management?

*  Writing white papers based on solid evidence to support rehabilitation for pain management to make sense for all who read them.  Examples include: How comprehensive pain management addresses the body and mind as one unit, Pain = Depression, Acupuncture can treat the left arm for right leg pain, etc.

Please submit white paper ideas and research articles to: Roger Mignosa at or John Garzione at

NEW Members-Only Online Forums:
This SIG is currently utilizing the online forums feature in our new member portal.
Topics include: Techniques used for non pharmocologic pain management, Having patients "buying in" to non pharmalogical approaches, & Lexicon of common terms for payers to understand.

Contact for more information:
John Garzione at

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