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Global Pain Clinician Summit 2018 Poster Abstracts | Pain Management Conference
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Each Year, 40+ Poster Abstracts Are Featured that Highlight the Latest in Integrative Pain Management Research

We are currently accepting poster presentations in the following categories:

  1. Original Clinical Research
  2. Basic Science/Review/Case Study
  3. Student/Fellow/Resident Research

Posters submissions must be received by August 31, 2018.

Committee experts will review all posters for originality and relevance, and accepted posters will be required to pay a $99 abstract fee to present at the Summit. The posters will be available to present on Friday, November 9, 2018 throughout the Summit breaks and reception. Guidelines for submission and presentation are listed below.

All accepted posters will be reviewed and one per category will be identified as the Best Poster. Best poster award winners from each category will receive a one-year membership to AIPM and will be featured in our print and online publications. All accepted posters will be housed on the AIPM website. If you have any questions, please contact MacKenzie Davis at 209-813-2573 or


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1.    Poster Proposals and all accompanying materials must be electronically submitted below no later than August 31, 2018. Please contact MacKenzie Davis at 209-813-2573 or with any questions regarding submissions or dates.

2.    Presenters must be registered for the 2-day Summit and pay a $99 abstract fee which will be due upon acceptance. All presenters are responsible for the associated summit fees and all personal expenses (travel, hotel, etc.).

3.    Generic names should be used versus brand names when possible. Also, the use of words such as novel, unique, robust, and excellent is thought to be promotional, and must be substantiated by proper references or p-values. When possible, use pharmacologic agent, medication, therapy, or a similar term, instead of drug.

a.    Logos are not permitted on the poster other than institutional affiliations.

4.    Only Encore presentations from other conferences occurring during or after November 2017 will be accepted unless new data is being presented. Please note if this material has been previously published.

5.    Poster Proposals will be reviewed and selected by members of the Education Advisory and Review Committee.

6.    AIPM reserves the right to edit your Abstract for publication, and will send a copy for your approval following the scientific review.

7.    We consider the Poster Presentations to be an educational activity, and therefore must be free of bias. All sources of support must be disclosed and acknowledged in the Abstract and must be listed in the top right-hand corner of the poster at the meeting.

a.   If conflict of interest is not disclosed and/or listed on the poster, your submission can be disqualified.

8.    One of the authors of the Poster must be present during the specified hours of the Poster Session(s). Please indicate on this form which author will be presenting and attending.

9.    Posters must fit a 4’h x 8’w poster board. Poster Presentations are to be free of commercial bias and avoid proprietary references, including the use of logos.

10. Please bring sufficient 8½ x 11 inch copies of your poster (100+) for the conference attendees.

To submit your poster, please fill out the following information:

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